Recessed TV Wall Mount & Sound Bar

Thinking about the streamlined look of a Recessed TV Wall Mount & Sound Bar?  Matthew from Jim’s Antennas Yarraville recently completed a 55″ LG Flat Screen TV wall mount in Kingsville – complete with a Sound Bar – for a true cinematic sound.

The recessed cavity presented some issues as unfortunately the Power Point had been previously installed in the incorrect position making the job of mounting the TV center of the recessed area difficult. If you’ve decided that you love the look of a recessed opening for your TV – and they do look fantastic – have your electrician and your TV Wall mounting expert work together to create an easier job for both – and a much better outcome for yourself.

The customer was lucky in this instance as Matt’s perseverance to find the correct bracket for the job paid off and doesn’t the end job look great!

Did you know that your local Jim’s Antennas expert can not only Wall Mount your TV and Sound Bar – they can also source and provide the sound bar for you, and of course we supply and install a quality range of tv wall mounts to suit all sizes and brands of televisions.

Sound Bar’s are a great option if your looking for truly immersive and great quality sound without cluttering up your lounge room with a heap of different speakers and amplifiers.

But what is a Sound Bar?

A sound bar is an all in one cabinet that contains multiple speakers and most sound bars have their own built in amplifier otherwise known as a an active or self powered sound bar.  Sound Bars have been born since the era of Flat Screen TV’s where the TV’s speakers are now much smaller and under powered to accommodate our growing need for thin almost mirror like TV’s.

There are many different sound bars now available on the market and they vary in size and capabilities as well as offering either Stereo or Surround Sound.

If you’re unsure as to which sound bar is right for your needs and set up – why not give your local Jim’s Antennas expert a call on 131 546.  Alternatively, book a time online at a time that suits you. We’re available 7 days.

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