Switchover Essentials for Tassie TV reception


Today marks three months since the analogue switch off Tasmania wide. The TV networks have expanded their programming in accordance with their national broadcasting agreements and we now have 22 digital channels with five digital radio channels co- broadcast. The appearance of DAB radio is not any closer though, with both broadcasters and the government saying there are no funds allocated for Tasmania just yet.
There are still a number of customers who are finding reception problems even this long after the Digital switchover, mainly due to the use of indoor antennas and because of misunderstandings of the pre switchover advertising.
Your local Jim’s Antennas technician can assess each reception fault and advise on the correct solution for perfect pictures 100% of the time. This can involve installation of an outdoor antenna, connection to an existing antenna or correcting the installation of the TV equipment where the use of an indoor antenna proves to be ok.
We have also noticed a spike in enquiries for VAST reception, where we use a satellite set top box to provide the free to air channels. Even though free to air TV is designed to be used with an outdoor antenna, sometimes even this does not produce a technically good enough signal for trouble free viewing.
I would personally not install a TV antenna in an instance where there would be a likelihood of even minor pixelation or picture drop out as this does not deliver the full potential of the digital TV broadcast system. In these cases a VAST installation may be recommended.
Give Jim’s Antennas a call to sort out your TV troubles, enquire about VAST installation (or any satellite channels for that matter, including free Christian TV channels and ethnic channels).
We have all the equipment needed for any TV job, but, even if you just bought a VAST kit on eBay and found it a bit difficult, we can probably help out!