Free Quote or Service Call?

Jim’s Antennas are committed to providing free onsite no obligation quotes to customers. However, there are some circumstances where a visit by a Jim’s Franchisee is not considered a free quote but is a service call and there will be a cost incurred by the customer. If the conditions below are met then the quote may be considered a service call:

  • The enquiry relates to an issue with an existing Installation
  • The cost of the service call is explained to the customer on the phone or onsite by the franchisee before they commence work
  • The Issue is resolved by the franchisee

What is the cost of a service call?

Services call by Jim’s technicians start from $150 and cover first hour labour / fault finding (not including any parts required).

Why do we charge a service call?

Charging a service call is a standard practice in the trade services industry, many companies will charge a fee even if they don’t fix the issue (which we do not do unless we are providing reports to other parties).  Our franchisees are all business owners and their time is valuable, if they take the time to travel to a job and resolve your issue, we believe it is fair that they are compensated for this.