Michael from Jim’s Antennas South Morang recently wall mounted a brand new TV and sound bar for Doncaster Bowling Club.  When installing this TV Michael was able to conceal all cabling by running the wires behind the wall. This removed the need for unappealing conduit cabling, allowing Michael to achieve a neat and minimalistic aesthetic. […]

Old houses are notorious for star wiring, which used to be an acceptable practice. However, this method is no longer commonly used due to its susceptibility to interference issues.  When Jeremy from Jim’s Antennas Mandurah got a call from a client who was experiencing multiple internet drop-outs a day, a quick look inside their roof […]

Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Montrose was recently called out to a Kalomara home as his client could not fathom why the TV in the home he had just bought was not working. Upon inspection, Aaron found an analogue antenna in the roof space which was running on a ribbon cable from the ‘60s to the […]

Jeremy from Jim’s Antennas Mandurah recently completed a job for a client who was in the process of converting a property into a medical training facility.  The client had initially called Jim’s Antennas to install data cables for their phone system and computers. However, when Jeremy arrived to provide a free quote for the job, […]

LG’s wallpaper TV gets its name from its spectacular thinness. At just 2.57mm thick, this TV is one of the thinnest to be produced. Unlike other TVs, the wallpaper TV is hung on the wall using magnets to ensure that the screen is as narrow and close to the wall as possible. Comparable to a […]

At Jim’s Antennas, we are continuing to deliver our services in a safe manner for both our customers and franchisees.  During this difficult time, our franchisees will take the utmost care when visiting clients’ homes. We have taken precautions such as washing and sanitising hands regularly when completing an installation and keeping an appropriate distance […]

In many parts of the Central Coast, corrosion poses major issues to the maintenance of antennas. Our dreamy coastline locations are beautiful, but when living by the seaside it’s important not to be complacent when it comes to preventative maintenance on your home. Rod from Jim’s Antennas Wyong recently completed a job for a couple […]

Duane from Jim’s Antennas Hope Valley and Adelaide City recently completed a digital antenna installation on a new home in Blakeview.  When completing this job, Duane chose to use an Australian designed and manufactured Matchmaster Magna 25 antenna.  This antenna is a hybrid log-periodic aerial and is able to maximise gain for wanted channels due […]

Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan recently replaced an antenna and mast on a granny flat in Narellan. When Mark arrived on-site he was greeted by a low quality combo UHF/VHF Bunnings antenna which had been poorly mounted onto a rusty J pole Eave Mount. No wonder this poor customer was experiencing bad TV reception!  Mark […]

Pre-wiring a home during the building process helps ensure that you will receive a strong and reliable TV or internet connection minus the invasive installation process. Pre-wiring also makes it easier and faster to have new technology connections set-up when building a new home.  Colin from Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore recently set up pre-wiring for a new […]

Following the recent tragedy of the Cudlee Creek bush fires, Duane from Jim’s Antennas Hope Valley & Adelaide City was asked to repair an antenna system for a customer whose home had been devastated by the fires.  Duane’s customer had sadly lost all their property except for their main house. While still in tact, some […]

Although they are pretty birds, cockatoos sure do have an ugly side. These pesky parrots are notorious for chomping through coaxial cables, unnecessarily costing homeowners and businesses alike time and money.  Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan recently completed a job where he was required to replace a home antenna system’s coaxial cabling, splitter and amplifier […]

Mounting a TV on a wall can be challenging task, we are regularly called to help customers fix issues with an installation they have done themselves or that has been completed by a less experienced installer. It’s not uncommon for us to find a TV that is not level or brackets coming loose from the […]

Jeremy from Jim’s Antennas Mandurah recently completed a digital antenna installation for a family in Halls Head.  Prior to completing the job, Jeremy’s client had informed him that they were experiencing poor reception. In order to find the reason for this, Jeremy began by conducting tests to see whether the reception difficulties were due to […]

Brett from Jim’s Antennas Mickleham recently mounted two TVs at EnVie Fitness in Greenvale Shopping Centre.  Brett was able to mount the television in a place that is easy and comfortable for patients to view while using the gym equipment. He also hid the appearance of unwanted cabling using conduit, leaving the room with a […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert, recently finished installing a commercial satellite and antenna for a new school being built in Armstrong Creek, Geelong. The satellite and antenna will allow that the school’s TVs to receive Foxtel and free-to-air channel signals – just to be used in the staff room we hope! All jokes aside, thanks […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert, recently mounted an outside TV for home in Kew. This customer wanted to be able to view the TV while outside and in the pool, but didn’t want their TV to obstruct their gorgeous garden view looking-outside from inside their home. Due to this request, Troy chose to install the […]

It is estimated that on average 18.8% of Australians experience dental anxiety.  While there are a number of ways a patient may be able to reduce their own anxiety about going to the dentist, dental practices can also help reduce their patients’ fear or stress in a number of ways. One of these is installing […]

Is the idea of birds roosting on your antenna making you anything but chirpy? Geoff from Jim’s Antennas Greensborough recently installed a bird deterrent on a brand new Match Master DC21V for a home in Kilmore. Jeff’s client was not only tired of having to clean bird poo from his roof and footpath, but the […]

So … How do I install a TV Antenna? Well, this question should really be addressed as WHY WOULD I PAY SOMEONE TO INSTALL MY TV ANTENNA. We can easily answer this and explain why it is better to get an expert like a Jim’s Antennas Tech to do it for you. The first thing […]

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