Why are so many parents opting to get their TV’s wall mounted? Well, the answer is quiet simple really. It’s to protect their children from becoming seriously or even fatally injured by falling TV’s. According to an article published by the ACCC in June 2018 “An estimated 2,600 Australians receive hospital treatment for injuries caused […]

We quite often get asked by our clients – oh … can you hang my tv? The answer is YES! Of course we can hang your TV!! Not only are we your local digital TV experts – but we offer a wide range of services including hanging your TV! And unlike other providers of TV […]

Grab your popcorn Australia – there is a new streaming service which was launched on the 1st September – and it’s FREE! According to “Broadsheet” the new service Tubi will be available via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV along with most internet connected screens as well as Apple and Android […]

5G Interference on C-Band Satellite Dishes By now you would be well aware of 4G interference and how it can affect your digital TV reception. But did you know that 5G can cause interference to C-Band Dishes and it’s already happening now in Australia. The interference is occuring because the transmission for 5G is very […]

Slow NBN or internet speeds? According to a recent article in Channel News the NBN have advised this could be a user fault. With an excess of 10 million homes and businesses now able to connect to the NBN network; modems, netflix and congestion are being sited as reasons for NBN users experiencing slow speeds. However […]

You’re all set for a big night in front of the TV – the popcorn is popped and your in comfy lounge attire. You switch on the TV – and what – where is all this pixelation coming from – my TV worked perfectly yesterday! Unfortunately with the roll out of 4G across Australia, a […]

Why should you use a Uni (Universal) Antenna Mount over other options provided? If you’re worried about your installer drilling thru tiles which can cause potential water leaks and thousands of dollars in damage to your internal ceiling or even if your concerned that your antenna mast is sturdy in strong winds preventing your antenna […]

So you’ve decided to Wall Mount your TV – but the question is how high should I mount my TV? Well that all depends on not only the size of your TV that you’ll be wall mounting, but the viewing distance, eye level height and the angle you’ll be watching the TV from. Other factors […]

Relaxing in the Spa watching your favourite program. Married at First Sight, Friday night Footy, whatever it is….. Watching it whilst relaxing outside in your Spa is as good as it gets. Jim’s Antennas have recently wall mounted a TV for a client in Woodville. TV wall mounted on an articulated bracket so the TV […]

Wall mounted TV’s are a great way to set up your family room. With great TV technology and superb looking TV units wall mounting them adds a great look to the room. Jim’s Antennas can wall mount your TV conveniently and promptly. We can turn up to your home, look at where you would like […]

“Roses are red Violets are blue Poor TV reception is nothing new! Its out with old and in with the new Jim’s Antennas has something for you!”   Outdated TV reception technology will eventually create poor TV signal and create frustrating TV viewing at any hour of the day. Since digital switch over Antenna technology […]

Jim’s Antennas has local team members living an servicing the Adelaide Hills region. Mount Barker, Nairne, Littlehampton, Hahndorf, Bridgewater. Experienced installation team in the Adelaide Hills. Jim’s Antennas using local knowledge and experience ensuring you get a solid installation that will stand up to the local elements. Ph %%PHONE_NUMBER%%

Jim’s Antennas getting it right in Athelstone. Our client had 2 TV Antennas on the roof when we arrived and neither of them working well enough to provide reliable TV signal. Partly due to LTE interference. Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm installed a new UHF Phased Array Antenna complete with a 4G filter. Needless to say […]

Outdoor TV under your patio area? This is a great way to get outdoors in the Winter. Rug up and enjoy your outdoor area with a BBQ and enjoy your favourite TV show. Friday night footy, watching Port or Crows in action in your own back yard. Wall mounted Smart TV installations.   Got to […]

Jim’s Antennas can improve Internet signal speeds throughout commercial and lager domestic areas with Ubiquiti technology. The Marion Bay Caravan Park wanted to provide their guests with Wi-Fi throughout the Caravan Park. With the expertise and the technology Jim’s Antennas Gawler has succeeded in improving speeds to 23mbps across 80% of the Caravan Park. Shane […]

Jim’s Antennas have helped a client get their  Tv Reception issues in Clarence Park sorted. After getting into the roof space and diagnosing the problem we could see the local Parrot Community had been chewing the TV cables within the roof. Whilst we were unaware that a Parrots diet included quad shield Tv cable it […]

Our Jim’s Antennas franchisees know which is the best TV Antenna for Canberra and your particular area and can help with supply and installation. But what is the best TV Antenna for Canberra? Well that all depends on which area of Canberra your located in (you can see a list of all ACT Digital TV […]

The Park Shopping Centre in Victoria Park has had Jim’s Antennas Perth install a new Mobile Phone Antenna Booster on the rooftop. This Mobile Phone Antenna  has greatly improved mobile phone signal across the Shopping Centre and particularly in the centre of the complex where staff and customers where having difficulty getting mobile phone signal. […]

Jim’s Antennas can provide a range of solutions for your new home build including communications, security and entertainment! Specialising in Home Theatre, Internet and Data, CCTV and Alarms as well as a new Antenna installations, WiFi Access points and TV Wall Mounting! Recently Jim’s Antennas Willetton has provided cabling and pre wiring during the construction […]

Local Perth installers installing great product in a great City. Some days are just awesome for Antenna installation. Check out this view of the Perth City skyline taken by one our local perth installers for Jim’s Antennas. Jim’s Antennas Perth 131 546. No more words required!

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