David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was recently called out to a Dooen property to install a satellite dish providing high speed 5G wireless internet.  When he arrived at the site, the first thing David noticed was that if the dish was installed on the roof of the home it would be blocked by trees. The […]

David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was excited to complete a recent job that involved replacing a daily internet dish located on a tower due to his love of heights. The old dish had experienced some wear and tear as a result of its age and simply needed to be replaced.  David arrived on the job […]

David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was recently contacted by an electrician to install an UHF Base Station antenna and a new TV antenna on a 15m mast.  The old antenna system had blown over during a storm causing it to break. As such damage was covered by the homeowner’s insurance company, an electrician was sent […]

Down by the coast, a TV antenna’s worst enemy is the salt air. This ruthless opponent will often cause poor picture quality, and in some cases even result in an antenna falling off the roof.  David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was recently called out to a Portland home, where his clients had complained of poor […]

Bill from Jim’s Antennas South East Queensland, recently installed a motorised satellite dish for a motorhome in Brisbane.  Whether you’re travelling interstate or across the country, an automatic motorised satellite dish will grant you the ability to watch satellite TV and even Foxtel no matter where you are, be it a main city or rural […]

Listening to music when going for a run, or hitting the gym doesn’t just relieve boredom. This popular practice is also thought to decrease pain and increase stamina when exercising – resulting in a more effective work out.  Given this information, it comes as no surprise that music is commonplace in gyms across the country, […]

High frequencies from mobile phone towers often affect the TV viewing experience by creating pixelation or even resulting in loss of signal altogether.  But such interference can easily be avoided through the use of 4G filters. These devices only let through the signals needed for free-to-air TV and block out any meddling 4G or even […]

Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan, southern New South Wales, recently received a call from a client asking whether he was able to repair a broken guy wire (tension cable) on a 6-metre antenna mast and re-erect the mast once the repair had been completed. Upon arrival Mark noticed that not just one, but all […]

After receiving a call from a customer who had lost their TV reception, Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan, southern New South Wales, was quick to arrive on-site to see what the problem could be.  Once at the house, the first thing Mark noticed was that the home’s analog antenna was in a very poor […]

When it comes to Antenna installations DIY can appear to be a tempting cost-effective solution. However, here at Jim’s we’ve seen quite a few DIY-don’ts that often end up in clients paying for a lot more than professional installation. These mistakes are commonly a result of purchasing incorrect equipment, or damaging an existing system in […]

A new streaming service called Binge was recently released in Australia and is accessible through mobile phone and tablets. You can then “cast” from your device using Apple TV or Chromecast. Binge is also supported on the 4th generation Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Telstra TV 3 and is available on Android Smart TV’s. According to […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert recently installed a TV for United Smiles, a dentist clinic in Mernda.  When completing this job Troy made sure to mount the television in a position that could be easily viewed from the patient’s chair. He also hid the appearance of unwanted cables, leaving the room with a clean, tidy […]

Troy from Jims Antennas Wollert recently helped a small business clean up and organise their data cables by installing a wall-mounted comms cabinet, and neatly placing their cabling and servers inside.  By placing his client’s electrical modems in a mounted Data World cabinet, Troy is able to ensure that they are out of harms way […]

MATV, also known as Master Antenna Television, refers to an antenna system set-up that enables  TV signals to be distributed across a large number of TVs. Saving commercial properties, such as offices, schools or hotels, from having to install an antenna for each individual television. Troy, from Jim’s Antennas Wollert, has worked extensively with MATV […]

Due to his wife now having to work from home, a local Riverside resident, Simon, recently had David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham come in to install a Cel-Fi Mobile Phone Booster. The couple had noticed that with increased cellular data usage during the isolation period, their 4G signal had weakened, and was significantly slower than […]

Across Australia, several industries are implementing temperature checking measures to quickly identify whether customers or employees are ill. In response to heightened demand, Jim’s Antennas and Jim’s Security have recently partnered with Acsess Health to develop a Temperature Check Station that is particularly affordable for small business. As normal life begins to resume, an increased […]

Grant from Jim’s Antennas Kingborough recently installed and connected a 4G antenna to a Cel-Fi mobile phone signal amplifier for a client in the Greater Hobart Area, who was unable to receive any signal in or around their shed.  When Grant arrived at this client’s home, the first thing he did was conduct a field […]

Grant from Jim’s Antennas Kingborough recently installed Samsung’s ‘The Frame‘ for a client in Sandy Bay, Tasmania.  The Frame is not just any old TV. When it’s not in use, this television convincingly disguises itself as a piece of artwork, achieving a natural look and blending to its surroundings by automatically detecting ambient light and […]

Within the last five years a quarter of Australians have reportedly had a package stolen, and with the increased popularity of online shopping over the years, parcel theft has become a pertinent issue. So what can you do to keep your packages and mail safe? Grant from Jim’s Antennas and Security Kingborough recently installed a […]

According to past records around 50 Australians a week are sent to the ER or have to receive hospital treatment for injuries caused by toppling furniture or TVs. That’s a whopping 2,600 people per year. And, sadly, since 2001 approximately 22 children under the age of 9 have died from falling furniture or TVs. Due […]

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