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With more Australians now having the option to regularly work from home, hybrid workplaces are expected to become the new norm. While this new way of working is thought to boost productivity and employee satisfaction, it has forced workplaces to quickly adapt to support a combined workforce of on-site and remote workers, which has brought […]

In a country as big as Australia staying in touch is important. However, poor mobile reception is a common issue that often keeps us apart.  A Cel-Fi 3G/4G mobile booster is a cost-friendly, quick and effective solution to improve phone reception whether it be at home, on the go or in the office.  While mobile […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert recently installed 4 Ubiquiti wireless access points for a family in Kilmore.  Wireless access points are a great option when it comes to improving WiFi signal strength and connection.  These devices receive fast and reliable connections from the router, and allow the user to get full use of the wireless […]

In this video, Grant from Jim’s Antennas and Security Kingborough shows us his initial set up for installing a set of CCTV cameras for a local holiday park. Before installing the new system, Grant has done a mock-up of how all the equipment will be connected and has tested each of the units.  For this […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert and Michael from Jim’s Antennas South Morang recently worked together to bring the FM and DAB signal back into popular radio stations Fox FM and Triple MMM.  During this job, they replaced the stations’ old antenna with a new commercial grade Digitek DAB + folded dipole antenna. Complete with heavy […]

Michael from Jim’s Antennas South Morang recently Wall Mounted a 75” Samsung QLED TV for customer in Mill Park.  So what makes a QLED TV different from a standard LED TV? You may be wondering.  QLED is a new TV technology that has been developed by Samsung. Rather than using a conventional ‘white’ LED backlight, […]

When Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan was replacing an antenna on an existing 4.5m guy-wire mast, he noticed that one of the eye screw anchors had been installed between two of the roof tiles. This improper installation had resulted in issues regarding the sealing of the tiles and water ingress.  After consulting with the […]

Can it get any better than relaxing in the spa while watching your favourite show or movie? Mowie from Jim’s Antennas recently completed two outdoor TV wall mounts for a client in Melton.  To make sure that no one will miss a game or the latest episode of MAFs, Mowie also mounted a new TV […]

All of the latest and greatest TV Technology can be understood through the two main TV panel types: LED and OLED Displays. OLED OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, a title which simply refers to the fact that these displays are made from organic emitter materials.  Unlike, LED TVs which require a backlight to […]

Brad from Jim’s Antennas Caloundra recently installed a Poynting XPOL 5G external antenna for a customer in Aroona who had just moved house.  Prior to moving, Brad’s client relied on a 4G wireless broadband modem to receive their internet data. Although this was a great solution for their old home, after moving this customer noticed […]

Brett from Jim’s Antennas Mickleham recently completed a job at the construction site of the new Mazda Parts Distribution Centre in Somerton.  The centre requested the installation of an antenna to supply TV signals to their 37, 000 square meter facility. Thanks to Brett’s great work, once the facility is completed Mazda employees will be […]

Is your NBN NTD box installed in an unsightly or inappropriate location? Or are you experiencing painfully slow Wi-Fi in areas far from your NTD box? Unfortunately, these are not uncommon issues. When to Relocate Your NBN box & Steps Involved: It is likely that if you’re on this page, you’re already considering relocating your […]

While it is possible to install your own antenna points, professional installation is usually the best way to go.  Not only will the equipment and expertise employed by a professional installer save you hours of attempting to measure signal, but will also help you get the best possible reception on each channel and avoid a […]

With all the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic many people are still working and completing their education from home. This has led to the majority of Australians spending more time online whether for Zoom meetings, attending lectures or simply for entertainment reasons. Across the country, the NBN has seen data demand increase by over 70 […]

If you are investing in a fast NBN connection, what do you need to do to ensure that you’re making the most of your network? 1.       Carefully Decide Where to Place Your NBN Connection The spot you choose should be the central point for your Wi-Fi. This does not necessarily mean the […]

If you are having trouble receiving new television channels, there are 4 key questions you should consider: 1.       How old is Your TV and is it HD Compatible? Many Australian free-to-air networks have changed some of their existing MPEG2 channels to MPEG-4 or have added completely new MPEG-4 channels. Most networks have […]

A customer living in Narrabri, NSW, was previously unable to receive any mobile coverage when using either Optus or Telstra. This led them to rely on satellite internet which operated at an extremely slow speed and restricted their usage to low data limits. Although only 7kms from town, there was a challenging line of site […]

Brett from Jim’s Antennas Mickleham recently helped Jeanswest move their offices from South Yarra to Hawthorn. This job involved removing the TVs, projector, screen & sound system from the South Yarra offices and then installing them at Hawthorn. He also helped install an antenna at the new offices and installed TVs outlets in the new […]

David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham recently mounted a TV on a quartz slate wall. This job was done for a customer who had contacted him six months prior to their home renovation asking for advice on what needed to be done to achieve the look she wanted. From the time of his client’s initial query […]

It was back to school for Jim’s Antennas Noarlunga as he was called out to a school in the Noarlunga area. Sean was able to construct and install this mobile stand to support this 65” TV. Completely portable and mobile to be moved from classroom to classroom as required. The need to move screens around […]

Jim’s Antennas install more than just TV antennas – we can also install a 3G/4G Yagi Antenna to improve your wireless broadband connection. Our customer supplied the antenna and we used a Tile Roof Mount with a lead flashing kit to maintain stability (being a rear mounted Yagi) even on windy days.If your having trouble […]

Jim’s Antennas Salisbury recently attended a local home to install a Digital Radio Antenna. With the introduction of digital radio in 2009 , we now have the option of listening to crystal clear reception on any of our favourite digital radio stations + many more not currently broadcast on standard FM/AM radio. Shane was able […]

Jim’s Antennas Byford helped a client having reception issues in Jarrahdale with their current Antenna setup. The clients old amplifier was faulty and the location was incorrect as it was too close to the trees which blocked the signal. The clients existing antenna, which was still working well, was relocated onto a sturdier mast due […]

Jim’s Antennas Aubin Grove recently attended a home in Coogee to wall mount a flat screen TV. Paul was able to mount this TV safely and securely and run the HDMI cable through existing conduit to conceal the wiring. Jim’s Antennas technicians are fully trained and ready to help install your new flat screen TV […]

Jim’s Antennas Wanneroo recently went to North Beach to hook up a digital antenna to a client’s shed for their kids to watch TV due to the recent restrictions in WA. James was able to install a brand new digital antenna to the shed roof effectively adding another space for the kids to hang out […]

A Jim’s Antennas Hillarys customer in Craigie had no wifi reception at one end of her house, and called in Jim’s Antennas to help. Jim’s Antennas set up a wireless mesh using TP Links Deco M5 product, and all deadzones througout the property were eliminated. Teleconferencing, streaming Netflix, and online gaming can all take place […]

Jim’s Antennas Rockingham recently attended a home in Wilson WA where a customer was looking to get their TV working in a new extension. Competitors had advised them it wasn’t possible with out pulling the roof apart significantly complicating the job and adding to expenses. Instead of running additional cable and splitters, Cameron was able […]

As the size of our TVs continue to grow, so does the need for them to be mounted correctly.  On average 50 Australians a week are sent to the ER for injuries caused by toppling furniture or televisions. Totalling up to a whopping 2,600 people per year. And now, with more Australians spending time at home, domestic […]

Jim’s Antennas Aldinga Beach recently attended a call at the Port Noarlunga Community Sports Complex to fix some ongoing reception issues. With COVID restrictions easing and public gatherings now back on, members like to watch their AFL in the clubrooms, but the picture pixilation was so bad they were missing all the action. Time for […]

Jim’s Antennas recently attended a home in Somerton Park to supply and install a new antenna. Shaun fitted a brand new Metchmaster 3006 on a Flexi-tin roof mount. Neatly cabled and sealed against leaks, Shaun ran cable to x3 TV outlets within the home. His clients now have crystal clear reception throughout the home on […]

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