Enhancing Security with a Wireless Bridge for CCTV.

In today’s world, securing your property, whether it’s a business, farm, or any other asset, is more crucial than ever. With the rise in thefts and vandalism, traditional security measures may not be sufficient. This is where advanced CCTV systems come into play, combined with a wireless bridge can provide coverage for large properties.

Jim’s Antennas are the experts you can rely on to supply and install providing CCTV installations for farms or large properties that require a wireless bridge as part of the installation.

Why Choose a Wireless Bridge for Your CCTV System?

Elimination of Cabling

No need to worry about laying down extensive cabling, which can be both costly and impractical in large areas.

Flexible Installation

Place your cameras in optimal locations without being restricted by cable lengths.


Easily add more cameras to your system as needed without extensive rewiring.

Comprehensive Coverage with Five Cameras

For a robust security setup, a system with five cameras ensures comprehensive coverage of your property. These cameras can be strategically placed to monitor key areas such as entrances, fuel storage, equipment sheds, and areas where chemicals are stored. With Jim’s Antennas, you get top-of-the-line cameras that deliver high-definition footage, ensuring every detail is captured.

Protecting Your Assets: Fuel, Equipment, and Chemicals

Fuel, equipment, and chemicals are often targets for theft and vandalism due to their high value. Ensuring these assets are monitored 24/7 can significantly deter criminal activities. The wireless bridge system allows for real-time monitoring and quick response in case of any suspicious activity. Here’s how it can specifically protect your assets:


Monitor fuel storage tanks and pumps to prevent and detect theft.


Keep an eye on expensive machinery and tools, ensuring they are only accessed by authorised personnel.


Track storage areas for hazardous materials to prevent unauthorized access and ensure safety compliance.

Advanced PTZ Linkage for Proactive Security

One of the standout features of the systems supplied and installed by Jim’s Antennas is the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) linkage. This advanced feature ensures that if a vehicle or any significant motion is detected by a fixed camera, the PTZ camera will automatically turn to focus on that specific area. This provides several benefits:

Automated Surveillance

Reduces the need for constant manual monitoring.

Instant Focus

Quickly zeroes in on potential threats, providing detailed footage that can be crucial for identifying intruders.


The movement of the PTZ camera can deter would-be intruders who realise they are being actively monitored.

Trust Jim’s Antennas for Your Security Needs

When it comes to protecting your property, you need a solution that is both reliable and effective. Jim’s Antennas are the experts in providing and installing wireless bridge CCTV systems tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Jim’s Antennas ensures your security system is installed to the highest standards.

Don’t leave the security of your valuable assets to chance. Contact Jim’s Antennas today to learn more about how their advanced CCTV solutions can provide you with peace of mind and robust protection for your property, business, or farm.

Investing in a wireless bridge for your CCTV system, complete with five high-quality cameras and advanced PTZ linkage, is a smart move to secure your valuable assets. With the expertise of Jim’s Antennas, you can be confident that your property is under vigilant surveillance, deterring potential threats and providing you with comprehensive security coverage.

*Photos courtesy of David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham.

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