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I’m called out a lot to customer’s premises for problem solving answers to their reception issues. This is one such problem where an antenna had been put in the roof space and the 6 existing TV points have been twist tied together and fed to the antenna. The customer was complaining of picture breakup and loss of signal on most of her channels.
There are 3 reasons why this situation was going to cause problems
1. An antenna inside a corrugated roof of a steel framed house is inherently problematic as the signal can be blocked
2. The antenna is not digital and is anywhere from 25-30 years old
3. The connection of the 6 TV points requires a digital splitter to balance the system and maintain shielding

One of the main reasons antennas were put in the roof was licensing issues back in the 1950 and 1960’s. Installing a digital antenna on top of the roof and installing a digital 6-way splitter solved the problem.

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