TV reception is a cause for concern across Mackay region

“This story first appeared in: Daily Mercury –” on 17th January, 2014

DODGY television reception is causing issues across the region and Mackay residents have had enough.

Encouraged by Clairview homeowners who recently shared their grievances about their faulty reception, Mackay residents have spoken out.

A Daily Mercury Facebook post asking about the worst areas for reception received almost 50 comments listing Andergrove, Slade Point, Blacks Beach, South Mackay, East Mackay and Sarina as some of the bad spots.

Marian Cousen, who lives in Andergrove, said she hadn’t been able to watch channels 11 or WIN since December.

“It just doesn’t exist anymore; we can’t get those channels at all,” Ms Cousen said.

“We thought it might have been because a storm was coming or there was an aerial problem but it’s not that.

“When it’s a good day, we get most channels but on a bad day it will crackle and pixelate, especially during poor weather.”

Jim’s Antennas franchisee Graham said while some spots were known for their bad TV reception, it was important to check television equipment was functioning properly.

“Some patches in Andergrove are bad and in some of the new estates in Rural View,” Mr Hamilton said.

“It’s clear that there are issues in some places but a lot of the times, with the right equipment, we can help people out.

“Quite often people say they have no reception but they haven’t had their equipment checked.”

He said residents in areas of poor quality reception could get satellite television, called Vast, which was funded by the government.