Bird’s Nest Causing Antenna Reception Issues On The Sunshine Coast

Colin of Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast recently received a call out for a client complaining of poor TV reception. Upon attendance Colin noticed that a bird’s nest was sitting on the antenna, complete with 4 eggs. The nest had damaged the antenna beyond repair and it needed to be replaced.

Colin provided the client with several options, the best of which was to install a new digital antenna next to the existing antenna so that the client’s TV reception could be restored.

Colin installed the new TV antenna and a further agreement was then made for all involved to wait for the eggs to hatch and the birds fly to coup before he would return and take down the old antenna. For all your TV reception and antenna needs please contact 131546 for your no obligation free quote.

s Nest Causing Antenna Reception Issues On The Sunshine Coast 2

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