Satellite TV Installs (VAST)

Satellite TV Installation Service

All Australians should be entitled to receive free-to-air television and not forced to rely on Pay TV irrespective of their location. Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) is a service that now provides a free-to-air high definition television service to those that previously struggled to get it.

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Need Better TV Reception in a Remote Area?

This means that if you reside in a remote area that previously relied on Aurora analogue service or you have issues with bad tv reception due to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter that you will now be able to receive free-to-air TV. Essentially, VAST allows you to receive the full range of digital free-to-air TV services no matter where you live.

VAST is sponsored by the Australian Government and will allow eligible viewers access to both standard and high definition channels along with commercial, local, and state-based programming. Whilst what channels you receive will depend on the area you live in, you will have access to the same number of channels as are available to those living in the main cities.

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Need TV Reception in a Caravan or Motor Home?

Please also note that people travelling in caravans or motor homes in Remote Central and Eastern Australia are eligible to apply for temporary access to VAST. Our technicians can assist with the application process as well as installation of the required equipment.

VAST Installation for Caravan TV Reception

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