At Jim’s Antennas we’re not only experts in installing televisions and antennas, we also provide data point installation services as well. Connection to the internet is vital in the current information age. Therefore, data points are a necessity for any home or office. Correct installation in the optimum location is therefore of paramount importance. The […]

Got a damaged TV Antenna?  No problems, your local Jim’s Antenna’s team will get it repaired and back working fast.  Just call 131 546 for an obligation free quote, or Book Online 24/7. TV Reception and Antenna Problems? So you aren’t getting any picture on your new flat screen panel. Prior to making that call, […]

Think you might need a TV Antenna Booster?  If you’ve got fuzzy television reception or it regularly drops in and out in critical moments of reality TV or sitcoms, there is an easy solution. Install a new TV antenna. If you have an indoor antenna and experience problematic reception every now or then, it may […]

You may already have an antenna but but if you’re currently experiencing reception problems, it could be time for repairs or even a replacement.  Or maybe you don’t even know if there is an antenna on your roof! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you need when it comes to antennas, but if […]

If you don’t understand the difference between analogue and digital television or you’re too busy to do all the research but you know you want the best digital TV reception, trust Jim’s Antennas as we’re the leading digital TV specialists. Call us on 131 546 and you’ll be able to take advantage of our vast […]

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it. The question is do you want it to look like it did in store? If yes, it’s better not to attempt TV installation, Wall Mounting and tuning yourself.  Wall […]

All Australians should be entitled to receive free-to-air television and not forced to rely on Pay TV irrespective of their location. Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) is a service that now provides a free-to-air high definition television service to those that previously struggled to get it. Want to know more? Get a Free Quote from […]

At Jim’s Antennas we’re the Master Antennas specialists (MATV). Call us on 131 546 for Commerical Property MATV and SMATV installations, repair & servicing. If you own or manage a commercial property, such as a hotel, hospital, office complex or a block of flats for example, you may be wanting to allow visitors and tenants […]

Jim’s Antennas are on hand to wire your phone lines in just the areas you need them, whether that be your home or office. With most properties needing more than one device requiring a phone line (phones, computer, Smart TVs and so on) the right placement of your cabling and outlets is crucial. How Many […]

You’ve finally got that amazing new TV you’ve been wanting, now all you’ll need is to have it tuned. You could try and do it yourself but with all the different features, options, and controls to sort out, isn’t it easier to get someone in to get it done right the first time? That’s where […]

Love your Friday nights watching movies at home, weekend sporting events on the big screen, or gaming? Or may be you just want a dedicated home-theatre room to let the kids be kids and watch their movies and games out of your sight and sound? A theatre room could be your solution and at Jim’s […]

Need a Digital TV Antenna but don’t know where to start?  Do not buy or install just any Digital TV Antenna….. Television technology has evolved and so too has the technology that supplies TV reception, which is great news for Australian households as we can now enjoy plenty of free to air television station choices […]

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it. The question is, do you want it to look like it did in the store? If so, how do you intend to install and tune your TV? Will you […]

Many homes subscribe to Foxtel but how many homes have the ability to watch Foxtel in multiple rooms without signing up to Foxtel’s multi-room package? Our guess is not many. Jim’s Antennas are able to install additional Foxtel outlets throughout your home so that you don’t have to be in the same room as the […]

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