Antenna Installation for Digital TV When it comes to Antenna Installation for your home, holiday house or commercial property – Jim’s Antennas are your local techexperts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you need when it comes to your new antenna, but if you’ve just built or moved into a new property that […]

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it – but TV Wall Mounting is harder than it might look. The question is – do you want it to look like it did in-store? If yes, it’s better […]

Is your Internet cutting out during important work meetings? Do you find yourself waiting for Netflix to load?  Are your kids complaining about their video games lagging? We depend on our Internet for just about everything: from work and education to entertainment and keeping in touch with family and friends. So it comes as no […]

Australia’s Leading Installation Service for Starlink Products Starlink installation service Australia-wide, our team is trained and experienced in all things relating to Satellite installation. All work done by Jim’s Antennas is covered under warranty and the Jim’s Work Guarantee.  While Starlink is sold as a DIY product, it often requires professional installation. Especially since the […]

At Jim’s Antennas we’re not only experts in installing televisions and antennas, we also provide data point installation services as well. Connection to the internet is vital in the current information age. Therefore, data points are a necessity for any home or office. Correct installation in the optimum location is therefore of paramount importance. The […]

Slow Internet Speeds At Home or In the Office Can be Frustrating. Not only do we rely on our phones and the internet as a means of communication and entertainment, but now more than ever, we use them as a tools for work and study. Unsurprisingly, installation of phone points and optimal positioning of NBN […]

Got a Damaged TV Antenna?  No Problems, Your Local Jim’s Antenna’s Technician Will Get it Repaired and Back Working Fast. Just call 131 546 for an obligation free quote or Book Online 24/7. Troubleshooting TV Reception and Antenna Problems So you aren’t getting any picture on your TV? Prior to making the call, evaluate the […]

Sometimes wireless networks are unable to provide fast enough internet speeds for households or businesses that rely heavily on the internet. When there are too many devices connected at once, or if your WiFi network is frequently overused, it will become sluggish and unreliable.  If this sounds like a familiar issue to you – look […]

Do You Have Issues with Poor Mobile Phone Reception at Your Home or Office? We’ll give you a hand! Here at Jim’s Antennas our team is highly trained, experienced and licensed in installing Mobile Signal repeaters. Not only do we take pride in providing our customers with outstanding service, but our team also aims to […]

The team at Jim’s Antennas works closely with Jim’s Security to assist clients with the installation and repair of: We offer a complete range of security products for both residential and commercial applications and supply a number of professional brands such as Bosch, Dahua and Hikvision. Our security experts are readily available to inspect your […]

Experiencing Issues With Your NBN? No Need to Worry. There is a Faster and Cheaper Alternative. Traditionally, Fixed wireless technology has been used in rural areas where setting up the infrastructure for other wireless services such as DSL or Fibre is expensive given an area’s small or sparse population. However, in residential areas, 4G/5G fixed […]

At Jim’s Antennas we’re the Master Antennas specialists (MATV). Call us on 131 546 for Commerical Property MATV and SMATV installations, repairs & servicing. If you own or manage a commercial property, such as a hotel, hospital, office complex or a block of apartments or flats for example, you may be wanting to allow visitors […]

When it comes to installing new Antennas, TVs, data points and internet solutions pre-wiring is a wise option. This particularly applies to multi-storey homes or houses with narrow wall cavities, as once built these types of houses are notoriously difficult to wire.  What are the Benefits of Pre-Wiring? More Flexibility: in deciding where to install […]

Need a Digital TV Antenna but don’t know where to start? Television technology has evolved and so too has the technology that supplies TV reception, which is great news for Australian households as we can now enjoy plenty of free to air television station choices – commonly referred to as Freeview. Depending in which state […]

For a lot of Australians there is nothing better than packing up the caravan and heading off for a weekend getaway or to do the “big lap” of Australia. But when you’re on the road, getting a good TV signal and reception can be challenging. If travelling around our beautiful country, or even through your […]

We can help you bring your entertainment experience to the next level! Setting up for an upcoming party, planning to watch the Finals by the pool, or eagerly preparing for a long-awaited Friday night movie marathon? Having a sound bar or speaker system installed can drastically improve the experience of listening to music, watching your […]

Think you might need a TV Antenna Booster?  If you’ve got fuzzy television reception or it regularly drops in and out in critical moments of reality TV or sitcoms, there is an easy solution. Install a new TV antenna. If you have an indoor antenna and experience problematic reception every now or then, it may […]

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it. The question is, do you want it to look like it did in the store? If so, how do you intend to install and tune your TV? Will you […]

Many homes subscribe to Pay TV and/or subscription services, but how many homes have the ability to watch these in multiple rooms without signing up for additional boxes or subscriptions? Our guess is not many. Jim’s Antennas are able to install additional Pay TV outlets throughout your home so that you don’t have to be […]

All Australians should be entitled to receive free-to-air television and not forced to rely on Pay TV irrespective of their location. Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) is a service that now provides a free-to-air high definition television service to those that previously struggled to get it. Want to know more? Get a Free Quote from Jim’s […]

Jim’s Antennas are fully licensed with the ACMA Cablers Open Licensing and are fully trained and experienced to install additional Phone and Data outlets around your home or business. In today’s home and offices multiple devices require internet connection either through wifi or hard wired connections. How Many Points Do You Need? This is a […]

TV Reception Problems? There are many causes of poor TV reception. Some of these can be easily resolved by evaluating the following – Ensure your TV and power cables are connected to the wall sockets as well as the TV Try and perform an auto or manual scan for TV Channels (refer back to your […]

Love your Friday nights watching movies at home, weekend sporting events on the big screen, or gaming? Or may be you just want a dedicated home-theatre room to let the kids be kids and watch their movies and games out of your sight and sound? A theatre room could be your solution and at Jim’s […]