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Need a Digital TV Antenna but don’t know where to start?  Do not buy or install just any Digital TV Antenna…..

Television technology has evolved and so too has the technology that supplies TV reception, which is great news for Australian households as we can now enjoy plenty of free to air television station choices – commonly referred to as Freeview.

Depending in which state and region you reside, there are now 17 or more Freeview stations available in most Australian Capital and Regional cities.

Australia too, like every other nation, are switching from analogue to digital. The Government of Australia has already announced that all analogue TV signals will be switched off by December 10th, 2013. But, does that mean you have to throw away your existing television? Not at all! If you’re still operating on an analogue television set, you don’t actually have to buy a whole new television; you could consider getting a digital antenna and set top box, which will pick up all the new Freeview stations.

At Jim’s Antennas, we can provide you with no obligation free onsite quote and evaluate your digital aerial needs to make sure you’re getting the best possible reception for your viewing pleasure, while also making sure you have access to all of the latest digital stations including Gem and 7Mates.

If you haven’t yet experienced digital television, it’s definitely time to let Jim’s Antennas come and look at supplying you with a digital antenna for your TV – the range of new television stations will amaze you with their variety and they are comparable to pay television. So, if your television isn’t equipped with digital technology, you are missing out on the free benefits.

Installing a digital aerial will also help you to get rid of fuzzy, pixelated pictures that are common with analogue antennas. Digital antennas eliminate all sorts of reception problem and allows you the experience of uninterrupted viewing.  At Jim’s Antennas, our team of experienced professionals will not only install the TV aerial on your rooftop, but will also take necessary steps to ensure its longevity.

Call us today at Jim’s Antennas and we’ll arrange a digital antenna installation so you can kick back and relax watching TV shows you didn’t even know existed.

Simply phone us on 131 546 and we’ll provide you with a free onsite quote so that you can experience the difference digital aerials can offer, today.

Why choose Jim’s Antennas?

Well that’s an easy question. As part of the trusted Jim’s Group network, our team is fully experienced, qualified and insured and all our products come with industry-leading guarantees. That means you don’t have to worry about installing complicated equipment or climbing onto your roof to change over aerials.

We know aerials and we know how to get you the best reception possible with the fastest turnaround time; so don’t waste another day with limited free-to-air television stations.

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