Antenna Repairs and Servicing

So you aren’t getting any picture on your new flat screen panel. Prior to making that call, evaluate the following: check if the satellite or cable menu is visible on the screen. If you can see it that means your TV is working just fine. If you can’t, unfortunately, the problem is with your new TV. Another tip which works is disconnecting the power supply for a couple of minutes and again restoring the electrical power.

Secondly, make sure your antenna is mounted on a pole which goes all the way down to the ground. Why? If it’s mounted onto the chimney or roof, you may have to call the fire department the next time it’s struck by lightning.  If you aren’t sure about your existing antenna system, dial Jim’s Antennas without any delay.

Also, avoid mounting an amplifier onto an antenna or mast if you live in urban and suburban areas as it amplifies everything, from utility and local police 2-way radio signals to the nearby telephone site.

If you have had your antenna setup for a few years and it has started giving you unreliable reception to the extent you’re missing most of your favourite TV shows or getting frustrated watching sports, the best thing you can do is call a Jim’s Antennas professional who can provide you with prompt antenna servicing.

Jim’s Antennas will do a full assessment of your antenna system and diagnose any reception problems using specialised equipment, which means you don’t have to get creative with duck taping any antenna cables at various angles to get reliable reception.

If it is an antenna repair you require, our technician is able to assess and provide you with a quote accordingly. In most circumstances our technician is able to fix the problem for you on that very same day – it means you’ll be enjoying your favourite shows fuzz and fuss-free in no time at all.

Call us today on 131 546 for a free quote. We’re also part of the trusted Jim’s Group network, which means we are fully insured, qualified and experienced, while all our products come with industry-leading warranties.

If you’re sick of poor reception and you don’t fancy a climb onto the roof, get in touch right away. Allow us to analyse and resolve and antenna issues once and for all.