Jim’s Antennas Adelaide Leads Digital TV Revolution

Now that the changeover to digital television signal is well under way, Adelaide residents are leading the charge in making the change to digital. However, homes and businesses are being advised not to undertake antenna repairs or replacement as DIY projects due to the inherent risks of heigh safety and electrical complications that might be involved.

The best course of action is to call an expert to perform all new TV antenna installations or repairs. it is a good idea to have this done by a professional rather than trying to manage it by oneself. When choosing a digital TV antenna installer in the Adelaide region or anywhere in South Australia, make sure you check that the installer is fully certified and has the appropriate accreditation; that they have insurance to cover any damage to your property; if they offer free quotes; and if they provide any form of warranty on the work being carried out.

The friendly team of Jim’s Antennas technicians throughout South Australia will be happy to assist with your installation needs.
Often the decision to install a new antenna is accompanied by a decision to buy a new flat screen television. You may well decide to have your new screen mounted on the wall where it is safe for children and won’t get bumps or sticky fingers all over it. Wall mounted TVs are a great look for any living room, bedroom, or boardroom.

Your friendly local Jim’s Antennas technician will be able to guide you to the best choice of TV wall mount bracket for your television set.

For those who are not getting a new television set, you will still need a digital set top box installed. This allows your old television to operate from the new signal. It may save you the cost of a new television, but you need to think about how old your present set is and how long it is going to last.

Our South Australian TV installation experts can give Adelaide residents a great deal of professional advice about where the best location would be for their television and of course, their antenna. They will be able to set everything up just right so you get the best possible signal.

Digital antenna installation is not difficult, but it is best done by your local South Australian Jim’s Antenna professional, giving you complete peace of mind. They have the necessary tools and equipment and are covered by insurance in case of any accident or mishap.