Do you find yourself feeling frustrated when watching TV because you just can’t seem to get perfect picture quality? Or are you experiencing pixelation and loss of channels? If this is you – you no longer have to put up with this.

Reception issues can be caused by a range of issues. Some factors to consider are outside of the home such as 4G / LTE interference from neighbouring mobile transmission towers, LED lights, electrical interference and even solar panels on roofs. It can be difficult to diagnose these reception issues, however all of our technicians carry state of the art field strength meters that allows them to check the TV spectrum and see what is causing the interference.

Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton, had a customer who was experiencing both pixelation issues and loss of TV channels. After testing the TV wall point, Luke found the signal strength and quality were low which was causing the pixelation issues, so the antenna was inspected and found to be an old analogue antenna that was at the end of it’s life. The existing pole was rusted considerably so that was removed along with the old analogue antenna.

The Solution: A new digital antenna was installed on a new mount. A 4G shielded digital amplifier was installed at the antenna replacing the old analogue splitter amplifier that was located in the roof cavity. The customer can now happily enjoy free-to-air television again with a crystal clear picture.

But why replace an old analogue with a new Digital antenna?

  • Digital Antennas are smaller (less of an eye sore and considered more stylish and modern in design) then old analogues.
  • They are designed to pick up new frequencies used for digital transmissions, where old analogues are not.
  • Digital Antennas will give you a much stronger signal pick up compared to the old analogue.
  • Since 2013 only digital channels are available.

If you are suffering from poor TV reception, pixelation or channel loss, maybe it time to say goodbye to your old analogue antenna. To arrange your free onsite, no obligation quote, call 131 546 or book here.

A new digital antenna and 4G shielded digital amplifier replaced the old analogue splitter amplifier that was located in the roof cavity.

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