But first, what exactly is an antenna mast? A mast is a ground-based or rooftop structure that supports antennas at a height where they can satisfactorily send or receive radio waves.

If you are struggling with poor TV reception – a mast may be the answer. Or maybe you have a 30ft mast that is no longer needed and is just an eye sore? Either way, at Jim’s Antennas we can help you.

If you do have a 30ft mast it is important to know the following:

  • Has it been installed correctly – There are two types of roof mounts for your mast – a base mount or a tripod. Although, tripods are more expensive, they are stronger and more rigid, and are recommended.
  • Is the mast in good condition – how old is your mast? Has it or the supporting structures become rusted? Or has it become loose due to damaging winds and heavy rain?
  • Do you actually need it?– In some areas, yes they are still needed, but it can also be a case that with digital TV the signal is now stronger in that area, so the height is no longer needed. 

If you are unsure we always recommended consulting an expert. At Jim’s Antennas our team of installation experts specialise in all types of aerial installation tasks. Your local technician will fit the correct mast, mount and antenna for the type of TV reception available in your local area.

Michael from Jim’s Antennas South Morang was called out to a job where the customer had purchased his home. Little did he know the existing antenna was not only not functioning correctly, but the 30+ year old 30ft mast was actually dangerous. On inspection, Michael discovered rusted turn buckles and lots of movement. With the help of Troy form Jim’s Antennas Wollert, they carefully removed the old mast.

Michael and Troy removed this damaged 30ft mast for a customer.

Michael replaced the damaged antenna with a new Hills Black Arrow Antenna. Michael, was able to find a particular spot that was great for signal. Also, with this antenna, it is recognised as being the most advanced Digital TV Antenna on the market in terms of design, performance and construction. They also come with a 10 year warranty.

Hills Black Arrow Antenna was installed

If you need your mast (or/and) antenna to be removed and replaced, give your local Jim’s Antennas expert a call on 131 546. Or book here, to arrange your free onsite, no obligation quote today.

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