Jim’s Antennas Sunshine Coast Reports Top Xmas List Items: Flat Screens and Digital Antennas

The Digital TV switchover sweeping the nation has stirred up a shopping frenzy amongst Australians. This trend appears to be very prominent in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. New TV sets are unlocking many new features such as program guides and teletext which are made available via the new digital broadcast technology. There is also a marked increase in the quality of the image and audio when viewing digital TV content. All of this combined has created great excitement among consumers.

If you need TV antenna installation, rather than risking doing it yourself it is a good idea to call in your local Jim’s Antennas digital TV installation experts in Sunshine Coast as they know all about how to get the best signal from your location.

Don’t forget if you have purchased a new flat screen television that you now have the option of installing it on your wall, well out of the reach of grubby fingers. Your Jim’s Antennas expert will be able to guide you about the best possible wall mount to use and which walls will work best in your home or office.

One place you don’t want to have a flat screen is down where toddlers can reach it. Parents have been horrified to find their kids have scribbled all over their brand new screen with permanent markers, or scratched it with toys. Our TV installation experts will be able to advise you on how best to mount your new screen for the safest and best viewing experience.

If you are Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas (including Rockhampton, Wide Bay, and Bundaberg), you will want to have your digital antenna installation completed soon so you don’t get left behind. The change over provides a great opportunity to have all your wiring and connections checked to ensure they are compliant with latest safety standards and any old and worn components can be replaced.

For all your digital TV antenna installation needs, please call Jim’s Antennas Sunshine Coast, we’re happy to help.

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