Caravan Antenna Installation at an Outer Southern Suburb of Adelaide, South Australia

At Jim’s Antennas, it’s not just TV antennas on homes that we replace or install, we can also upgrade your caravan antenna with an up-to-date, specifically designed antenna for caravans.

David Clarke from Jims Antennas and Security Sellicks Beach did just that for one of his customers. They were having signal issues with their old antenna, not receiving reliable signals and pictures breaking up due to antenna age, old cabling and LTE interference (4/5G signals from phone towers).

David installed a new Winegard Sensor HV antenna with the LTE filter built-in, installed new digital quality co-ax cabling and terminated with new compression connectors. Signals were tested and all available channels were tuned in and signals all perfect.

Now, travelling will be more enjoyable knowing that at the end of the day, your favourite TV programme won’t be missed.

If your caravan antenna is old and outdated, if you are missing out on your regular programmes while travelling, then head to or call us on 13 15 46 and have one of our trained local technicians take care of your reception issues.

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