Mobile Phone Repeaters for 4G/3G

Mobile Phone Repeaters might be the answer if you suffer from poor Mobile phone reception either in your home, office or warehouse.  Mobile Phone Repeaters can assist to bump up your 3G/4G phone coverage in areas of your home or business that has poor coverage.

Unlike a Mobile Phone Booster which under Australian Law is illegal and can carry up to a $220,000 fine, Mobile Phone Repeaters are legal in Australia if they are used under the authorisation from the carrier.

It can be difficult to gain authorisation from the carrier for use of a Mobile Phone Repeater and these are generally only granted to corporate entities for commercial grade equipment. The exception to this rule is a Cel-Fi Smart Repeater which is authorised by Telstra, Optus and the Vodafone networks.


Mobile Phone Repeater can fix mobile phone reception issues

A poorly designed or installed Mobile Phone Repeater can cause sever interference to nearby Phone Towers – and the use of these is therefore illegal and a jail-able offence if you are found to be using one without prior permission from your carrier.

Jim’s Antennas are authorised installers of  Cel-Fi products for Optus, Telstra and Vodafone which are sourced through the only legal avenue available in the country. These sellers are required to keep strict records and maintain a database of all smart repeaters sold.

Want to know more about Mobile Phone Repeaters?? Here is great explanation from our Preferred Suppliers Radio Parts Group who have recently set up a Mobile Phone Repeater in their showroom which has poor Telstra coverage.

4G Booster! Ben shows us how to get better reception

We've all been there. Your 3/4G reception lets you down when you need it the most. But don't stress, Ben has a solution for homes and small businesses that are sick of poor connectivity. Suffer no more!

Posted by Radio Parts on Thursday, 13 December 2018

Among many other business Jim’s Antennas franchisees have assisted with Mobile Phone Repeaters they are currently involved with Telstra stores in assisting them to deliver excellent 3G & 4G coverage within their Phone shops nationally.

Should you wish to discuss your Mobile Phone coverage and how a Mobile Phone Repeater can help, contact your local Jim’s Antennas expert on 131 546 – or book online 24/7.



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