TV Antenna Booster

What is a TV Antenna Booster and why do I need one?

A TV Antenna Booster more commonly referred to in the industry as a Masthead Amplifier is used to boost your TV signal. Dependent on your location to the nearest Broadcast Tower (check out the mySwitchwebsite to find your local transmission tower) you may have a weak signal and there is only so much “signal” your TV Antenna can pick up – but by installing a TV Antenna Booster into your Antenna system you are increasing or boosting that signal.

In Australia according to the ABCB guidelines for Digital TV the optimal TV spectrum for digital tv signal is between 45dB and 80dB.

It is important to realise that for every additional TV point you have installed within your property this will drop your tv signal around 5dB per point. Therefore if your Antenna on the roof is pulling in a Digital TV signal of 50dB and you have 3 TV points in the property each TV point will drop below the minimum threshold for digital tv signal therefore causing pixilation and drop outs.

In this instance your Antenna system would then require a TV Antenna Booster (Masthead Amplifier) to boost the signal at the Antenna therefore allowing all 3 TV points to bring adequate signal in from your TV Antenna and allow you picture perfect viewing free from pixilation and drop outs.

We quite often find when we visit properties that are having Digital TV signal issues  – especially rental properties where the previous tenants have moved out – that the previous occupiers of the property have packed up all their TV equipment and inadvertently taken with them the power supply for the TV Antenna Booster.

A TV Antenna Booster requires power to operate – and we find that in most instances to stop occurrences of power supply’s going missing or being turned off it’s advantageous to have these power supply’s installed within the roof cavity.

Not sure if you already have a TV Antenna Booster? Have a look at the mast up on your roof (from the safety of ground level!) that has the TV Antenna installed on it – if it has a grey looking box about half way down the mast (see below photo) – you have a TV Antenna Booster – if there is no obvious box it’s unlikely that you will have a TV Antenna Booster.

TV Antenna Booster

As always if you require any assistance with your TV Antenna Booster, Digital TV Antenna or you having on issues with poor reception and signal drop out – give your local Jim’s Antennas expert a call on 131 546 or book online 24/7

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