TV Antenna Install in Ellenbrook WA

TV Antenna Install in Ellenbrook WA by a local Jim’s Antennas expert!

Jim’s Antennas have installed a new Digital TV Antenna for a customer in Ellenbrook with great results.

All Digital TV channels working beautifully and awesome TV reception, with no picture drop outs or break ups.

Quick service and a great price supported by a clever installation expert.

Who said you can’t have clear TV Reception on a cloudy day!! Jim’s Antennas Perth 131 546

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Following the recent tragedy of the Cudlee Creek bush fires, Duane from Jim’s Antennas Hope Valley & Adelaide City was asked to repair an antenna system for a customer whose home had been devastated by the fires.  Duane’s customer had sadly lost all their property except for their main house. While still in tact, some […]

Wall Mounting TV. With such a large range of flat panel TV’s on the market and at such relatively cheap pricing compared to years gone by when Plasma TV’s first came out, the choice for a large flat panel smart TV has never been better. This now translates to owning a large flat panel LED, […]

Do you feel safe in your house ? Jim’s Antennas South Melbourne solved this problem for a customer in Elwood.   The Doss IP camera system from Radio Parts Group was installed.  It included 6 IP cameras around the house covering every outside area, and cables all concealed in wall cavities to the DVR System in the hallway cupboard. The […]

Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm recently attended a home in Golden Grove to install a “bird proof” antenna. These inverted plastic icicle prongs are going to give any pigeon a hard time trying to perch on this roof top antenna and “let it go” Bird excrement can taint rainwater collected from rooftops and gutter systems. It […]

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