Upgraded cabling installation in Shoalwater

Jim’s Antennas Mandurah was called out to a client who was struggling with internet speed and modem dropout issues in Shoalwater. The best they could get out of their existing connection before calling Jim’s Antennas was 18Mbps and experienced multiple drop outs, day and night.

Jeremy ran some tests, removed the Bridge-taps from the cabling on the customers premises which resulted in a maximum speed of 43Mbps. That’s a 140% increase in speed and no more drop outs!

The customer was very happy with the results.

The experienced team at Jim’s Antennas can improve your internet speed and/or cabling issues regardless of the connection. Whether you have NBN or ADSL connection cabled with copper, coax or fibre, we can help. Call Jim’s Antennas for a free quote today. Ph. 131546 or book online 24/7

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