Outback SA VAST & CEL-FI Installation

Duane from Jim’s Antenna’s Hope Valley & Adelaide City spent a windy three days at a job site west of Woomera in the South Australian outback. He was tasked by a mining exploration company to supply and install a VAST system (Viewer Access Satellite Television) and a CEL-FI system to boost and distribute a basically non-existent 3G/4G mobile signal into the area so the containers that have been made into 13 rooms could connect.

The images below show during and after the installation, which took 3 full days of work and two days of travel to complete. As well as Duane’s team, there was an electrician on-site doing other work. They worked together to help each other out over the three days.

Duane and his team set up 5 Matchmaster satellites, running 3 VAST systems each from multi-output LNBs, the satellites supplied signal to 13 Altech UEC DSD4921RV units in each of the rooms. There was a heap of cable and conduit run to the satellites for this and also a run of overhead lines for all the Cel-Fi cabling, this task proved to have its moments in the windy conditions!

For the set up of all the Cel-Fi equipment, Duane had to get creative, installing two Cel-Fi Go units, one dedicated to 3G and the other dedicated to 4G. The units were run in tandem through splitters and couplers and then out to each container via a special splitter and long-run cables, where a collection of Blackhawk dome antennas (ANT-BH-OM-C) were installed to spread the mobile signal locally. In order to pick up any sort of mobile signal in the remote area in the first place, a Blackhawk Yagi antenna (ANT-BH-YG-100-10) was installed and aimed towards the closest cellular tower which was over 30km away near the Stuart Highway.

Now the system gives a full 5 bars in each and every room, compared to the previous signal they had in the area (nothing!), this all made for a very happy client.

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