Jim’s Antennas Installs AV to Bosch’s New Headquarters

Troy From Jims Antennas Wollert, has just completed one of the the largest AV and MATV jobs for the Jims Antenna’s franchise.

Troy and his team have just completed a huge installation job which involved wall mounting eight 79 inch TV’s, wall mounting fifteen 65 inch TV’s, wall mounting eight 50 inch tv’s and wall mounting three 48 inch TV’s in cabinetry.

The installation also included mounting five in ceiling hidden motorised projector screens and customised projector mounts for Bosch’s new head quarters in Clayton.

This job provided some challenges along the way with cables to needing to be hidden from ceiling to wall to floor box, howver Troy and his Jims Antennas Wollert team thrived on the challenge of such a large job and succesfully completed the installation with great results and a very happy customer.

If your office, show room or meeting room needs an AV upgrade give Jim’s Antennas a call for a free quote on 131 546.

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