New outdoor antenna install in Parmelia.

Jim’s Antennas Aubin Grove was recently contacted by a Real Estate client who had a property in Parmelia. The property was unable to receive a TV signal with their existing antenna.

Paul installed and tested a new antenna. His client was very pleased with the result, and all TV channels are now working correctly.

If your old antenna isn’t delivering clear reception on all channels, please call one of our friendly technicians for free no obligation quote on 131 546 or book online 24/7

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“Can I have my antenna installed inside the roof?” This is a phrase that Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Montrose hears all the time and the answer is – unless you want to receive perfect digital signal then having an antenna installation inside roof spaces is not advised. Back in the day of analogue TV reception […]

Grab your popcorn Australia – there is a new streaming service which was launched on the 1st September – and it’s FREE! According to “Broadsheet” the new service Tubi will be available via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV along with most internet connected screens as well as Apple and Android […]

4G interference can wreak havoc with TV reception and is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. Mark from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum was recently requested by a client to investigate a television reception issue on a client’s charter fishing vessel at Manly boat harbour. The client’s TV reception became very poor when moored at the boat harbour […]

See that picture on the wall? What if I told you that it’s actually a TV? The new Samsung The Frame 3.0 TV is transforming the way we interact with artwork.  Think, revolutionised digital photo frame. Not only is this telly changing the way we consume art within our homes, but it has also reimagined […]

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