Antenna Mounts for Unusual Roofs

Do you have an unusual roof with limited access, or you don’t want to see an antenna sitting on your newly designed home?

Shane, from Jim’s Antennas Wynn Vale, has had many such requests and has been able to come up with suitable solutions for each of them. Two newly designed homes in Brompton wanted their antennas to be low as possible on the roof so they wouldn’t be visible from the street or neighbouring balconies.

Shane was able to use short posts along with a Stramit tin-roof mount to keep both antennas out of view.

Another request was for a medical centre that had a roof that was surrounded by a large metal awning that would affect the antennas signal if it was mounted the normal way.

Shane was able to install a bracket that got over this issue. He made sure it was installed with extra support to ensure it stays up for a very long time.

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