Flood Damage Repair at Hotel in Gawler

When one of the local Hotels in Gawler experienced flooding issues in there basement where all there AV equipment was kept the first call they made was to Jims Antennas 131 546.

The owner wanted to move the controlling systems from the basement to the second storey of the 100+ year old hotel.

With numerous 50 metre cable runs required through very thick walls and floors, Shane from Jims Antennas Wynn Vale took on the challenge. Working with a local electrician, he spent three days re-wiring everything to the second floor as well as installing the new Nightlife jukebox system.

The Hotel now has all its systems on the second floor away from any flooding issues as well as making it easier for the staff to access.

For all your cabling needs call Jim’s Antennas today or Google us.

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