Tips on Installing & Managing Your New Xmas Goodies

Many lucky people have been gifted new technologies such as gaming consoles, home automation systems, even new flat screen Televisions over the Holiday season. Getting your technology set up and organized can be frustrating but can make such a difference in the functionality and aesthetic of your living space.

  1. We all know how frustrating it can be to find the correct charger, headphone or adapter in a rush. Our hot tip is to label and store items in zip lock bags per device all kept in one designated storage space in your house.
  2. Install additional data and power points behind your entertainment unit to ensure cords are tidy. This not only improves the aesthetic of your space but increases safety.
  3. Get your Television Mounted to the wall keeping it out of reach for children.
  4. Keep a basket on the coffee table as a home for all of your remote controls or alternatively invest in a universal remote control which will allow you to control all your devices from the one remote.
  5. Future Proof!! By installing additional HDMI cables when you wall mount your TV you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you can hook up your new Apple TV, gaming console or any other component.
  6. Use bread tabs or masking tape to label all cords so you know what belongs to what.
  7. If you choose to set up your TV on the stand, make sure you utilise a security strap so the TV doesn’t tip over by accident – this tip is especially important if you have young children.
  8. And as always, if you’ve run into any issues with your set up or TV Reception give us, your local experts a call on 131 546
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