Why is my picture breaking up?

A poorly maintained Antenna System can lead to major issues with your TV reception and may have you scratching your head and asking “why is my picture breaking up?”

That’s exactly what happened to this customer in Brisbane who rang Jim’s Antennas to inquire on how to improve their digital TV reception.

Antenna Replacement Fixed TV Reception Immediately

When her local Jim’s Antennas expert came out onsite to provide her with a no obligation Free quote, he found the Masthead Amplifier, Antenna, cabling and splitter in very poor condition. This was not only causing picture breakup but preventing the client from receiving the majority of Free To Air TV channels available in the Brisbane area.

Upon providing the customer with a Free quote the customer immediately agreed to the price and our local technician got on with the job of removing all the faulty antenna system parts and replacing them with brand new ones. The end result doesn’t only function better allowing our client access to all Brisbane Free To Air Chanel’s, it also looks a damn site better with all the messy cabling and connectors safely hidden in the roof space where they are unlikely to suffer from water damage as the previous system had.

If you’re asking your self why your picture is breaking up or how can you improve your digital TV reception why not give your local Jim’s Antennas expert a call today on 131 546.  With 150+ Antenna Installers across Australia we’ve got you covered.

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