Broken TV Antenna causes Reception Issues

A broken TV Antenna will create TV reception issues, even if it hasn’t happened already it’s just a matter of time.

TV reception issues can create frustration particularly in school holidays when the kids are home and “bored”

With the festive season upon us an school holidays just around the corner it might be a good time to replace your TV Antenna if it’s not performing as it should.

Jim’s Antennas can provide a free onsite quote like we have for a customer here in Bertram WA. Our Local technicians carry on board a range of Antennas from budget through to the best Australian made high performance Antennas with extended warranties.

If you’re happy with the Free Onsite quote we provide, we can stay and install it  if that’s suits you.

So if you need a new Antenna for a rental property or your own home Jim’s Antennas can help. Enjoy the Holiday season. 131 546

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