SA’s Largest Cattle Station Finally Gets Great TV Reception Via VAST

While working on one of Adelaide’s largest meat processes Shane from Jim’s Antennas Wynn Vale met the owner of the Princess Royal Cattle Station, who went on to advise Shane they have never had quality TV reception in the 10 years they had been on the station.

Even though the station was a two hour drive from Adelaide in far north Burra Shane was willing to take on the challenge and took the time to complete an onsite survey of the 100 year old homestead and find a solution to their TV problems.

With a property that has a 7km driveway hidden in a beautiful valley it was always going to be hard to get TV reception from the nearest repeater station so Shane came up with the solution of installing VAST, which will give the clients free to air TV via satellite. So the following week Shane returned with three set to boxes and satellite dishes to upgrade the homestead and nearby workers quarters to VAST.

The clients where ecstatic with the results, especially since it is the first time they have had clear free to air viewing since taking over the property.