Outdoor antenna installation in Parmelia.

Jim’s Antennas Aubin Grove was recently contacted by a Real Estate client who had a property in Parmelia. The property was unable to receive a TV signal with their existing antenna.

Paul installed and tested a new antenna. His client was very pleased with the result, and all TV channels are now working correctly.

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On a routine signal test for a customer in Park Orchards Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Canterbury mentioned to the customer about whether she had thought of tidying up her TV cabinet by wall mounting the TV and the speakers, as well as concealing all the exposed cables for a clean finish. The customer advised that […]

Jim’s Antennas recently attended a client’s house in Canning Vale with the client experiencing TV reception issues. We discovered water had got inside the Antenna Balun over time. The new TV Antenna was installed and as you can see by the photos a much smaller design for a much better performance. This improves the appearance […]

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Down by the coast, a TV antenna’s worst enemy is the salt air. This ruthless opponent will often cause poor picture quality, and in some cases even result in an antenna falling off the roof.  David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was recently called out to a Portland home, where his clients had complained of poor […]

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