Jim’s Antennas Adelaide Smart TV Installation Experts

Recently the Jim’s Antennas team from Adelaide and all the way out to Mount Gambier qualified for their ACMA Structured Cabling Endorsement and were awarded the Nationally Recognised Competency ICTCBL3009A Install, Terminate & Certify Structured Cabling Installation. This allows the graduates to provide additional services for their customers including repair existing telephone lines, install new telephone lines and data points for the Internet.

Adrian, of Jim’s Antennas Blackwood, attended the course and found it very valuable to his business. Adrian says, “The need for Internet connections in both home and office is growing considerably. Additionally, more and more people are purchasing Smart TVs which require connection to the Internet. This new qualification allows us to legally undertake work in relation Internet cabling so our clients should feel comfortable that we are suitably trained in the services we offer”.

So if you reside in Greater Adelaide or surrounding suburbs and you need a new telephone line or data point you can be sure that Jim’s Antennas has the appropriately licensed technicians to complete the job.

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