Antenna Bird Proofing Solutions In Plumpton, Sydney

Dennis, of Jim’s Antennas Colyton in the South West of Sydney, specialises in digital TV reception.

TV signal interference can have many causes. Whilst most antenna / aerial and TV reception issues are of a technical nature, sometimes it is nature itself that plays a part.  Birds love antennas, they find they are a great place to perch and watch the day go by.  In sufficient quantities they can cause physical damage, and of course, there is the unsightly mess they can leave on your roof.

If your antenna is near your solar panels, bird droppings could even have an impact on your solar system efficiency.

The attached picture shows a solution to this problem, which Dennis installed in a home in Plumpton, NSW.  Dennis has installed a premium antenna with bird spikes fitted. The spikes are an effective deterrent and have no impact on antenna performance or picture quality.

For all your antenna installation and digital signal interference needs call in the experts at Jim’s Antennas.