Jim’s Antennas Assists Elderly Price Gouging Victim

When engaging with an antenna service it is important to check the reviews with of the business you plan to use. At Jim’s Antennas, we have an average 5-star rating out of +3000 reviews across Product Review, Google and other platforms which shows our dedication to customer service. Unfortunately, some of our competitors do not take the same approach as we do with customer service. They are in the industry for short term gain and operate a contractor model whereby they keep the lion’s share of the profit. Thereby encouraging their contractors to charge as much as possible, as they don’t ever expect to deal with that customer again.

Below is an Example of an Incident of Price Gouging Witnessed by One of Our Franchisees, Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan:

Today I replaced an antenna and amplifier on a property at Thirlmere on Sydney’s southern outskirts that had received storm damage to the roof. The insurance company recommended that the VHF Sydney antenna and amplifier be replaced even though the owner told me it was still working. While there, the owner said that his elderly neighbour, Colin was having TV reception problems and suggested I go and see him.

When I went over, Colin told me he’d had his antenna replaced last week by one of my competitors but he wasn’t happy. He proceeded to tell me that he’d paid $600 for a UHF antenna (head swap) which only gave him regional Wollongong TV but he wanted Sydney channels too but that was quoted at $1000 (head swap and amp). Both of these prices were not far off double of what I would’ve charged him. 

After talking to Colin’s neighbour, he suggested that I install the VHF antenna and amplifier I had removed from his house onto his elderly neighbours house and just charge him cost of labour. 

After another conversation with Colin to inform him of his neighbour’s offer I found out that he was 90 years old and 30 year volunteer “Meals on Wheels” driver and was worried that if I went ahead he would be late for his deliveries. 

I assured him it wouldn’t take long and proceeded with the work installing the extra antenna and amplifier. Now he has Sydney and Regional TV and I waived my labour fee because I felt bad that he’d been ripped off initially and he deserved a good deed in return for all his community service. 

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