Having problems with TV reception on your Tugboat? Jim’s Antennas can help.

The local franchisee for Jim’s Antennas West Mackay had an interesting job at the Mackay Marina, when he arrived and found the job was a reception problem on the tugboat LAURIE M. The Ship (as the captain & crew call it) was only 12 months old and built in the Netherlands. It was fitted with a Naval Marine antenna. After much searching and the removal of many panels, Graham found the lead-in cable and established that the antenna was working. However, the ship had 8 outlets and the distribution box was nowhere to be found. There was also no signal at any outlet. After a considerable period of time spent searching, Graham located the distribution box in a crawl space between the upper and lower decks. He got into the crawl space, found the fault (faulty power supply) and fixed the problem. Upon testing all outlets they were all now working. Graham also installed a number of fly-leads and tuned in all the TV’s. The captain and crew were just about to head out for a couple of weeks off-shore on a construction job, and were eternally grateful to Graham that they could watch television in their downtime.

Having problems with TV reception on your Tugboat 2