NBN wireless transmitters causing interference.

NBN Co have recently started connecting wireless broadband customers across Australia. We have recently had a customer with poor reception problems and pixelation on the TV due to the TV antenna pointing directly at the NBN tower. This was not any fault as such but the customer had a fringe UHF antenna/masthead amp installed a few years ago and the NBN tower was built directly in line with the TV translator only one kilometre up the road. So the MER dropped from the 30’s to the low-mid 20’s, and the BER dropped as well. The problem was resolved by relocating the antenna a few metres until the MER picked up. This means that given the right circumstances, even an unrelated frequency like 2.3GHz can cause problems when the antenna system is ‘swamped’. I have added a photo of an NBN outdoor unit, which is a pretty standard outdoor WiFi box, cabled with outdoor cat5 cable and pointing to a transmitter very similar looking to a mobile 3g tower.