How To Bird Proof An Antenna To Avoid Damage And A Messy Roof

How do you stop birds from landing on your antenna, causing damage to the antenna as well as leaving a mess all over the roof?

Grant, of Jim’s Antennas Kingborough, a suburb a short distance from Hobart, specialises in bird proofing antennas. Grant says, “New homes are being built all around Hobart and the popular roof material is Colourbond. As an antenna installer I find that I’m drawn to looking on roof tops for the antenna. The new colour bond roofs, particularly darker colours, always seemed to have white stains on the roof below the antenna. It really attracted my eye and I knew straight away that the cause was bird droppings!”

Grant investigated ways to stop birds from landing on antennas and came across a supplier of bird spikes made specifically for antennas. Grant purchased the antenna bird spikes and decided to trial them on the next home that had a bird problem. The result: no birds, no droppings, no signal interference and no damage to the antenna. A perfect solution!

Grant now offers antenna bird spikes to all his clients, gladly accept this added service. The time taken to add the bird spikes, which are made of clear acrylic and are UV resistant, adds slightly to the installation time but the end result makes it all worth it.

Grant adds, “An antenna is a long term investment, as is a roof. It’s best to go the extra length and install a quality digital antenna, a quality mount for extra stability, quad shielded cabling to eliminate sources of interference, and bird spikes to keep pesky birds off the antenna. The bird spikes are durable and will likely outlive the antenna system. They also do not harm the birds in any way. Bird droppings are acidic so it will cause damage to a colour bond roof. I can’t speak highly enough about antenna bird spikes. Everyone’s a winner!”

In the attached image, which is a new home in Kingston, Grant added the bird spikes to great effect. No more bird poo on the roof at this home!

Grant operates in Kingborough and the Greater Hobart area, including Howrah, Margate, Snug, Old Beach, Tranmere and Kingston.

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