Learn Why The Walk to Cure Diabetes is So Significant for Jim’s Antennas Montrose

Jim’s Antennas Montrose was proud to donate toward the recently held Walk to Cure Diabetes. Joining over 40,000 people around Australia at the 2014 event held at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne on Sunday the 19th of October. This is an event that really makes a difference to those with type one diabetes (T1D).

This cause is very close and personal to Jim’s Antennas Montrose business owner, Aaron, and his family. Their 7 year old daughter, Tahlia, was diagnosed in 2010 at the age of 3 ½ with T1D and juvenile arthritis (JIA). Like 122,300 other Australians, T1D usually arises in childhood but it lasts a lifetime. It destroys the ability to produce insulin, which is vital for life. There is no cure – YET – and it is certain that going on a diet or cutting down on sugar doesn’t stop T1D.

It can be a difficult life at times for Tahlia as she needs to be given insulin several times a day via an injection, as well as checking her blood sugar levels with a finger prick between 6 and 8 times a day. This is all done just to stay alive and stay healthy with T1D!

Jim’s Antennas Montrose was more than willing to offer its support to help raise much needed funds for T1D research projects, but there are dozens more that need funding right now, as a cure needs to be found!

Jim’s Antennas Montrose will make it a yearly tradition to sponsor Team Tahlia in the fight to find a cure. Look out for Team Tahlia next year and get behind Jim’s Antennas Montrose with your love, support and of course your donations to a very worthy cause.