What is the Best TV Antenna for Canberra??

Our Jim’s Antennas franchisees know which is the best TV Antenna for Canberra and your particular area and can help with supply and installation.

But what is the best TV Antenna for Canberra?

Well that all depends on which area of Canberra your located in (you can see a list of all ACT Digital TV Transmitter sites here , whether or not you have a clear line of sight to the Television transmitter and whether or not your suburb is suffering from any 4G interference  from nearby mobile towers.

Before you can select the best TV antenna for Canberra you need to know the frequency that your nearest broadcast tower is operating in, and whether or not that frequency requires a UHF or a VHF digital TV Antenna.

What’s the difference between UHF & VHF – Sergo from Jim’s Antennas can explain further

Now that you’ve done all your research and you know what type of antenna you require – how do you install it and what type of tools and equipment do you require?

All of our local Jim’s Antennas technicians carry digital signal meters which allows them to test the signal coming in from the antenna and also allows them to identify any issues which maybe causing interference and providing either a low signal level or worse still a poor signal quality level.

A low signal level can always be “boosted” (internal link) to provide adequate levels to service all TV points in your home. However a poor signal level can’t be boosted – as this will also boost the issues and cause major pixilation and drop outs. A poor signal needs to be identified and the cause eliminated through filters prior to boosting.

Unfortunately although Digital TV gives us such a diverse range of station and show choices it’s not as easy as the old analogue days when you could just thump the TV set to get it working!

If your facing poor TV reception or are simply building a new home, why not give your local expert a call from Jim’s Antennas instead! Were available 7 days and you can easily book online (internal link) or contact us direct on 131 546

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