Antenna Man Reviews – Why it’s important to check reviews for your Antenna Man

The Jim’s Approach

At Jim’s we have been operating for +20 years and pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service. We are Australia’s largest antennas installation business and have installed +1 million antennas over this period. We have an average 5-star rating out of +3000 reviews across Product Review, Google and other platforms which shows our dedication to customer service. All of our franchisees are small business owners with an average tenure of 10 years. A customer for a franchisee is their customer for the life of the franchise so they have a strong incentive to look after each and every customer.

There are also a number of systems in place such as Jim’s Group Surveys and Customer Service Guarantees to protect customers. Our franchisees are trained, licensed and police checked so you can have confidence that you are dealing with Australia’s most experienced and highly rated antenna installation company.

The Antenna Contractor Model

Some of our competitors do not take the same approach as we do with customer service. They are in the industry for short term gain and operate a contractor model whereby they keep the lion’s share of the profit. They encourage their contractors to charge as much as possible as they don’t ever expect to deal with that customer again. Generally, there is a lot of contractor churn with this model and there is very little training and support provided to contractors. As a customer, you are generally getting a less experienced operator at a higher price.  This is why it is important to check if your antenna man has good reviews on a reputable 3rd party site such as google or product review. These businesses will often use a very generic name and change this every couple of years, if you can’t find any positive reviews for a business you are considering then be warned you could be making a very costly mistake!

Below is an example where a customer has been overcharged by a less reputable installer operating under the antenna contractor model. The customer was charged $790 dollars for an antenna replacement, which would usually cost between $300 and $400 (dependent on the type of antenna and warranty). Furthermore, the installer did not remove the old broken antenna, instead leaving it at their customer’s property.

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