How To Install an Antenna Point

While it is possible to install your own antenna points, professional installation is usually the best way to go.  Not only will the equipment and expertise employed by a professional installer save you hours of attempting to measure signal, but will also help you get the best possible reception on each channel and avoid a potentially expensive mistake!  

The following Video and How-To guide have been provided to give you an idea of the process our trained technicians go through when installing an antenna/TV points. As well as to help you determine whether this is an installation you can complete yourself.

How To Install An Antenna Point

1. Double Check the Desired Location

First of all, you will need ascertain if it possible to run cabling to your new location from the main splitter. You can also check if it is possible to use a point to tap into the existing antenna cable.

It may not be possible to install an Antenna Point if your location is:

  • Directly below a second storey
  • In the middle of your home

Additionally, an installation will be difficult if there is no access to the roof space or if roofing can not be removed. If an installation is able to be completed under this circumstance, concealed cabling may not be possible. In this case, conduit-covered cable would be run along the interior of the home.

2. Check the Signal

Next, you will need to check the signal level to determine whether you require an amplifier to maintain a sufficient signal level across all TV points.

3. Getting Ready for your Installation

You will then need to acquire the necessary components:

  • RG6 cable and F-type connectors to suit
  •  amplifier if required
  •  splitter
  • conduit
  • saddles if required
  •  and, TV point

Tools needed to carry out the installation will vary depending on where the cable is to be run.

4. The Final Touches

Complete the installation as planned. Once finished make sure to retest the signal to confirm an adequate signal for good TV reception at all points. Connect your TV and tune into your local stations.

For help installing an antenna point, or for any of your aerial needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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