Why is My Internet Slow?

With all the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic many people are still working and completing their education from home. This has led to the majority of Australians spending more time online whether for Zoom meetings, attending lectures or simply for entertainment reasons.

Across the country, the NBN has seen data demand increase by over 70 to 80 per cent.

But, while increased data and internet usage is often blamed for laggy Wi-Fi, there are several additional factors which may be affecting your internet speeds.

If you are experiencing slow internet, it is important to first determine whether your internet is slow due to congestion, your RSP (Retail Service Provider), or if it is a result of your individual setup.

You will then need to perform a series of tests to identify the issue:

Start off by checking how you are connected to the internet. This could be through:

→   Fibre through NBN

→   ADSL

→   Cable

Run Internet Speed Tests

Here at Jim’s Antennas we recommend using either Fast.com or speedtest.net to test your internet speed. Both sites will show you the download, upload and latency of your internet connection.

When completing a speed test make sure that you only test one device at a time. If attempting to complete two speed tests on different devices at once, results may vary.

We strongly suggest running both tests directly from your modem, before testing associated hardwired points / outlets. You will also need to perform these tests on Wi-Fi enabled devices throughout the home to determine whether your slow internet connection is WiFi related or modem/hardwired related.

Lastly, when testing your Wi-Fi signal, make sure you are testing signal speeds in different locations around the home.

Is Your Internet Speed at the Modem Quicker than at Hardwired Points/Outlets?

If the test at the modem is much quicker than the hard-wired points/outlets, this suggests that there is an issue with the data cabling running to those points/outlets.

Is Your Internet Fast In Some Areas but Slow in Others?

Low range or incorrectly placed wireless modems and routers are a common culprit when it comes to slow Wi-Fi.

A good wireless router should cover a single storey four-bedroom home if placed in the centre of the house. If installed at the front of the home, it may struggle to reach the back end of the house. In this instance an extended or more powerful router may be required. If your Wi-Fi is weak in one or more areas, a popular option to improve signal strength is by installing Wireless Access Points. Generally, we recommend Ubiquiti’s professional grade Access Points for their sleek design and reliability. But if you decide to go for a brand available through retail outlets such as JB Hi-Fi or Officeworks, we recommend first doing your research. When it comes to wireless access points, you often get what you pay for.

Is your Internet Speed Slow at the Modem?

If your internet speed direct from your modem is slow contact your retail service provider (RSP). They will assist you in diagnosing whether there is an issue with your internet connection and may offer a solution.

  • If your provider is unable to offer you a solution, this may indicate that you are connected to a poor plan.
  • If your RSP advises that the speed coming into the home is much faster than what you are receiving at the modem, there may be an internal issue with cabling. In this case, our licensed technicians are readily available to diagnose faults in your data cabling.

When it comes fixing slow or unreliable internet Jim’s Antennas has got you covered. Our fully trained and licensed technicians are not only able to diagnose faults in your data cabling but also offer a range of solutions to extend Wi-Fi around both residential and commercial properties. Not to mention, our experienced technicians can help you run data cabling to create a hard-wired data point for your computer, TV or other wired device.

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