Can I Move My NBN Box? – NBN Box and Modem Relocation

Is your NBN NTD box installed in an unsightly or inappropriate location? Or are you experiencing painfully slow Wi-Fi in areas far from your NTD box? Unfortunately, these are not uncommon issues.

When to Relocate Your NBN box & Steps Involved:

It is likely that if you’re on this page, you’re already considering relocating your NBN box. However, for those unsure, relocating your box is recommended if has been placed in an area that is:

  • poorly ventilated, such as a tightly enclosed cupboard 
  • where the average air temperature regularly drops below 10°C
  • where the average air temperature regularly exceeds 40°C  e.g. in ceiling, wall or floor cavities
  • that are damp or wet such as the bathroom or laundry  
  • that have high traffic flow where the box can easily be knocked, e.g. a hallway 
  • near or below a heater (as this can cause overheating)

While these specifications are all in line with the NBN’s guidelines, unfortunately, it is not unheard of for NBN contractors to install boxes outside of these requirements.

We have also often had clients request to have their NBN box relocated if they have felt it is an eyesore or has been installed in another area they feel is inappropriate e.g. in the bedroom.

Relocating Your NBN Box Involves: 

Choosing a New Location for Your NBN Box

This is the first and easiest step! Simply choose a new position you’d like your box to be moved to. However, when making this decision keep the above points about where not to place your box in mind! 

If you’re unsure, don’t stress, our trained and experienced Jim’s Antennas technicians will work with you to find a suitable position. 

Checking the Proposed Location

Before beginning the installation process, consult with a fully licensed technician to confirm that your selected spot is appropriate. This is done by ensuring that all internal wiring connections (phone and data) can be fed back to your NBN location.

 Running Cabling

Your installer will then re-run and terminate the copper and fibre connections into the NTD from the PCD (outside connection). Alternatively, they may suggest installing new coax or fibre connections. 

This will depend on the distance of your new NBN box from your old box, as well as other external factors (such as the size of your home or business’s wall cavities) which may impact the complexity of installation.

Ensuring That the NBN Box Has Returned to Operational Status

A stable or flashing green STATUS light indicates that the connection box is operating normally. A green flashing light indicates that there is activity on the network, while the stable green light suggests that there is not. 

Your technician will also look for a stable green light on the POWER indicator. Initially you will see the light flashing, this indicates that the box is starting up. The light will then turn a solid green – suggesting that your power supply is working normally. 

Testing for Fully Functional Operation

Lastly, your technician will ensure that all of your services, phone and internet, have returned to normal after completing the installation. They will do this by testing your land-line phone and running a professional-grade internet speed test.

Here at Jim’s Antennas our licensed installers can assist in moving NBN boxes in homes that have a Fixed Wireless, Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial or Satellite Connection. 

When to Relocate Your NBN Modem

While many believe that relocating a NBN box will help get more speed out of a connection – there is an easier and more efficient way to achieve this. 

Jim’s Antennas can help you get more out of your internet by running high speed Cat6 cabling from the NTD to an optimal location where a modem/router can be set up to provide the best possible performance.  

Consider Relocating your Modem if: 

  • You’d like to achieve better Wi-Fi signal strength and speed from a more centralised modem location 
  • For the ability to plug your TV or gaming console directly into your router, rather than experiencing varying Wi-Fi speeds 
  • For a direct wired connection to your office, allowing for increased speeds over Wi-Fi

Example of a Commercial NBN Modem Relocation Completed by Jim’s Antennas:


For help relocating your NBN box or receiving a faster NBN connection don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online. Or to find out more about our NBN relocation services, have a look at our Phone Point and NBN Modem Relocation Page

Please note that NBN issues outside of the home (e.g. with a PCD box) and external cabling for NBN can only be handled by a NBN provider.

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