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Master Antenna Television, more commonly known as MATV, is a popular and sensible antenna choice for many multi-unit buildings when distributing TV and FM signals.

SMATV (Single Master Antenna Television)  is similar to MATV, with the only difference being that signal is received via satellite.

Both MATV and SMATV are comprised of a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify free-to-air TV, FM (MATV), and Pay TV signals (SMATV) , which are then distributed from one central location.

Under this model, an apartment block with a set of 100 TVs would have each television set connected to one main aerial, rather than having an individual antenna for each respective television. 

Not only do individual antennas create eyesores, but TV reception is also  greatly affected.  So many antennas in such close proximity interact with each other, resulting in major interference issues. 

And when it comes to the practical side of things, can you imagine how expensive the cost of installing and maintaining 100 antennas would be?

Within the digital TV antenna field, MATV and SMATV installations are considered to be a specialist niche.

Here at Jim’s Antennas, we are proud to say that our franchisees have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. A few of our previous jobs include, and are certainly not limited to, installations and repairs for Bosch’s Clayton Headquarters, the James Hotel, Vic Uni and the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

To learn more about MATV and SMATV installations we do for commercial builds, check out the video below:

If you own or manage a commercial property and are hoping to provide visitors and tenants with access TV programs from multiple locations or need help fixing your existing MATV or SMATV system, our experienced and professional expert technicians are no further than a call a away. Contact us on 131546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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