Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan recently got a call from a customer saying that they had completely lost reception on just one of their TVs. Despite his years of experience in the antenna industry he was surprised to hear this. It is most common for signal damage to occur at the level of the splitter or the antenna itself, causing all home TVs to be affected. 

Shortly after arriving at the home Mark did a roof cavity inspection and quickly discovered that the cable attached to the problem TV had been disconnected from the splitter. 

In this case, the interference occurred as a result of two factors. The first being that an inferior screw-on-type connector had been fitted, meaning that the cable could not be secured tightly enough. This caused it to be pulled out of the splitter after a recently replaced air conditioner duct added increased pressure on the cabling. 

To restore reception and fix this poorly executed installation, Mark was able to reuse the existing cable (as it hadn’t been damaged, only pulled out) and routed it under the ducting, before properly terminating the cable end and reattaching it to the splitter. 

Now his customer can enjoy crystal clear reception on every and any TV in their home! 

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