David from Jim’s Antennas Horsham was recently called out to a Dooen property to install a satellite dish providing high speed 5G wireless internet. 

When he arrived at the site, the first thing David noticed was that if the dish was installed on the roof of the home it would be blocked by trees. The shed wouldn’t work either, it was too low to receive a proper signal. He would need to install a satellite tower. 

As it turns out, his customer was holding onto one that they’d been planning to put up and just hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Being a professional installer, prior to the installation David took done footage to determine the best location and height for the tower. And then, before the customer knew it, David the self-proclaimed ‘Tower Monkey’ was high up installing the dish. 

Thanks to David, this customer can now sit back, relax and enjoy their new high-speed internet.

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