Pre-wiring a home during the building process helps ensure that you will receive a strong and reliable TV or internet connection minus the invasive installation process. Pre-wiring also makes it easier and faster to have new technology connections set-up when building a new home. 

Colin from Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore recently set up pre-wiring for a new home in the beautiful coastal neighbourhood, Cotton Tree. When working on a new build Colin advises that “it’s always a good idea to go over what the owner has in mind for their finished product.” 

During this job he liaised with the homeowners to find their preferred and the most suitable location for external devices such as Foxtel 1Q4, Blu ray players and of course their TV. 

With this information Colin was then able to plan to put HDMI and ethernet cables in place before the sheathing was installed, and also assisted in advising where extra support or an alcove for the TV should be placed. 

If you’re building a new home and would like to save yourself money, time and unnecessary hassle, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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