A point-to-point link provides an effective and affordable method of extending your network from one location to another, in which a signal was previously unavailable. 

The main advantage of this method is that it allows an existing network to wirelessly link to another network without having to trench an area and lay cabling. As the ‘link’ created enables two IP Ethernet networks (existing in separate buildings, or distant locations) to interconnect.  

This solution is commonly implemented within a school or university setting whereby a wireless link is used to broaden the range and strengthen the quality of Wi-Fi between buildings. However, that being said, over the years the use of wireless point-to-point links at home has become increasingly popular. 

On a recent job at Mangrove Mountain, Rodney from Jim’s Antennas Wyong used a Ubiquiti access point to broaden the range and strengthen the signal of Wi-Fi between a main property and an external work shed. A 4G antenna was also installed in order to supply mobile broadband to both the household and the shed.

In order to create a point-point-network, Rodney installed an access point on the side of the client’s shed. This was done after he completed a signal strength test at different locations to test the line of sight, and quality of the connection.

To the average person the term ‘Line of Sight’ (LoS) implies that the two devices should be able to ‘see’ each other. But when it comes to radio signals, LoS actually refers to ensuring that there should be no objects between the two devices that block radio waveforms/signals. Something that is difficult to ‘see’ or check with the naked eye and therefore is best left to the professionals.

If you’re experiencing poor WiFi signal strength or are unable to use 4G data from the comfort of your own home give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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