Following the recent tragedy of the Cudlee Creek bush fires, Duane from Jim’s Antennas Hope Valley & Adelaide City was asked to repair an antenna system for a customer whose home had been devastated by the fires. 

Duane’s customer had sadly lost all their property except for their main house. While still in tact, some of the house’s external features and its antenna system had been significantly damaged. 

The owner’s previous remote antenna and 300 metre cable run had been entirely incinerated by the fire, and all that was left was the antenna’s mast, which was steel. 

As this job was in the country and within a bushfire zone, Duane chose to bury the coax cabling in order to protect the new cables from critters such as cockatoos and possible future fires. 

He also replaced his client’s previous antenna with a Matchmaster DR3018, a free-standing antenna which is taller than a single story house! In this circumstance, the antenna is placed so high up due to being attached to the ground of his client’s property, rather than the roof of their home. 

If your antenna is damaged or needs repair or replacement, here at Jim’s Antenna’s we’re always willing to lend a helping hand.  Give us a call on131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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