Slow NBN or Internet Speeds?

Slow NBN or internet speeds?

According to a recent article in Channel News the NBN have advised this could be a user fault.

With an excess of 10 million homes and businesses now able to connect to the NBN network; modems, netflix and congestion are being sited as reasons for NBN users experiencing slow speeds. However the NBN Co is now adding the end consumer as another potential reason for slow speeds.

According to Channel News –  “Research commissioned by NBN Co found while 86% of Australians understand at least a little about environmental factors that can affect their internet speed, only 42% were confident their home was configured to provide optimal speed and performance.

68 per cent said they’d set up their own home internet, 26 per cent got help from family and friends, and 90 per cent said they would be likely to use technical assistance to optimise their network if the service was offered.”

So what are end users doing wrong and how can they fix their speeds?

NBN co has recently released a home guide on how to optimise your experience at your home

In their guide they look at a number of tips which can help speed up your internet including in home cabling, understanding the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ wi-fi frequency, objects that block Wi-Fi signals and High Definition (HD) TVs.

Modem placement is exceptionally important as the more central you’re able to place the modem – the better chance of receiving adequate Wi-Fi signal throughout your home and/or business. Quite often however the modem is at one end of the house and not in the optimal location. This is an easy fix and requires a new data point to be run to the position you wish to have the modem in.

Having trouble viewing some of the new 4K channels & streaming on your smart TV? This is because these channels and services require fast internet with a consistent signal strength. As 4K content looks to be increasing in future – now is the time to get your TV set up correctly by having a dedicated hard wired ethernet cable connection to the TV.

With the proliferation of devices in the standard Australian home today all trying to connect to your in-home Wi-Fi network it’s important to have the correct modem and set up for your families needs. This may include setting up a number of devices on the 2.4 GHz frequency with other devices such as laptops set up to the 5 GHz frequency only.

There are things within the home that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals such as thick walls which can stop the signal penetrating sufficiently to 2nd levels or to your outside living area including the much loved man shed!

A Wi-Fi extender or receiver can assist and stops the need for additional data outlets – there are many brands with different specifications available.

If you would like assistance in trouble shooting your internet speeds, Jim’s Antennas can test current cabling, along with installing new data outlets for HD TV’s and modems.

Jim’s Antennas can also consult and supply on the optimal modem for your unique situation. Also ask us today about our Wi-Fi solutions .

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